Trackee of the Week Award

Our first track meet of the season was jamboree with Renton, Penninsula, and Franklin Pierce.  While many people started off the season with strong performances, one person stood out the most–Kameron Peck.

Kameron has worked hard in practice so far building up his mileage base and improving his speed in intervals. He has been a vocal leader, always cheering for his teammates and helping to create a positive team environment. His hard work paid off with two outstanding performances in the 1600 and 3200 in the jamboree. Most of our distrance runners were entered in both distance events so that they could get in a good workout. Kameron not only got a good workout, but he also logged two new PR’s as well. In the 1600 he ran 5:23, a PR of 13 seconds. In the mile, he ran 12:13–about a minute and a half PR.

Great job Kameron.

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