What happened in Bellingham… Stays in Bellingham!

On Friday, right after school, the whole team, minus a few poor souls, namely the sick, lame and Eric Fischer (who is suffering through a week at disneyland) piled into some vans and carpooled in mass up to Bellingham for the Mt. Baker Invitational that Saturday.  I will comment on the top ten things learned.  But, as a general rule what happened in Bellingham… Stays in Bellingham!

To stay true to this phrase, which was often repeated, I will avoid the use of names and specific language. Additionally, I have written this as a list in order to protect those directly involved.

Top 10 Lessons Learned:

1) Look both ways before crossing the street. (I am serious… this age old adage has shown its wisdom.)

2)It is better to clog your neighbors toilet then your own. (Justin, remember what they did to us during halo… well, you more then returned them in kind.)

3)Kennedy doesn’t suck they are just “low key”.

4)There are many more guys on this trip then girls. (No explanation)

5)If the continental breakfast sucks, Den Mother Rettmann will always provide her cubs with a nutricious alternative consisting of bananas, bagels, and gatorade.

6)Chris really does get thirsty during the night. (Give me a glass of water!!!)

7)If I am managing a K-mart in 15 years, a gun toating Den Mother will put a few rounds in my head.

8) Traffic at Everett has its advantages. (Head on collisions at 4 mph do not usually result in death.)

9)James Turnbull looks flaming with his fingernails painted red!!! I know I said I wouldn’t use names but, I already broke that rule with #2. So let me just be clear on this one thing, it did look girly. However, James ran awesome so, in the end, its okay… Well, at least according to our Den Mother. (I still think it bothered the other runners, shaking hands with him after the race.)


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