A Big Win at the Lindbergh Home Meet

The boys JV, the girls varsity and the boys varsity all easily won the meet Thursday against Evergreen and Foster.  In the JV race, Evan Fiore put in a big surge and pulled away from the Lindbergh pack to win the race.  Sarah Reiter won the girls race.  Her time of 18:08 set a new Lindbergh course record by 2:40 (the old record was 20:48).  Mark Garcia took first place in the boys varsity race.

For complete results, go to:  http://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/School.aspx?SchoolID=433

Complete Sweep at Evergreen

The JV boys, the girls, and the varsity boys easily defeated Evergreen and Mt. Rainier today. 

JV Boys  LHS  15  MR  50,  LHS  15  EV  INC

Girls  LHS  18  MR  43,  LHS  15  EV  INC

Varsity Boys  LHS  15  MR  50,  LHS  15  EV  50

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3 – 0

All the Lindbergh teams began the Seamount League season with a perfect 3 – 0 record by beating Highline, Tyee, and Foster.  The course was a new variation of North Seatac Park.  It had sharp turns, lose gravel, roots and rocks, single-track trail, etc.  The combination of the slow course and the lack of competition meant that the times were very slow.  Our main goal was to get through the meet without any injuries.  We treated it as a tempo run.  Only two people sprained their ankles, hopefully not badly.  The girls beat their closest competitor, Highline, 22 to 33.  The boys beat Foster 21 – 36.

For complete results go to:  http://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Results/Meet.aspx?Meet=23416#433


North Seatac Park Meet Info

On Thursday, Sept. 24th we have a meet at North Seatac Park, which is just north of Seatac airport.

The JV boys race starts at 3:30, girls at 4:00, boys varsity at 4:30.

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All-City Champs: JV, Girls, Varsity boys

Today was the best All-City meet Lindbergh has ever had.  Never before have we won all three races like we did today.  The JV boys beat Hazen18 to 42 and Renton 15 to 50.  The girls beat Hazen 27 to 30 and Renton 26 to 30.  The varsity boys beat Hazen 17 to 42 and Renton 15 to 50.  Our JV and Varsity boys both have a 8 – 0 record for the season.  The girls are 7 – 1.  All three teams can be league champs by winning the league meet next Saturday. 

The girls team was particularly impressive today.  We set goals for our top 5 regarding what places they needed to get in the meet for us to have a chance of winning.  Sarah was supposed to win, and she did.  Anna was supposed to beat Renton's #1 and Hazen's #2.  She did.  Jasmine was supposed to beat both team's #3.  She beat their #2s.  Nicolle was supposed to beat both team's #5.  She beat Hazen's #4 and Renton's #5.  Erika was supposed to beat both team's #5s.  She beat their #6s.  Our girls ran the second half of the race harder than the girls from the other teams.  We were simply the toughest team today.  Great job girls!

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Having Fun at the Home Meet

Today we had our only home meet of the season.  In spite of the poor weather, we still drew a large crowd of students, teachers, parents, and former team members.  Lindbergh completely dominated every race against Highline, Kennedy, and Evergreen.  Our boys JV placed 12 runners ahead of the non-Lindbergh runner.  Needless to say, we scored the lowest score possible against all of the teams.  The girls nearly swept the other schools, winning by forfeit over Evergreen, beating Kennedy 17 to 40, and beating Highline 19 to 37.  The varsity boys put all seven runners ahead of the next team's #1 runner. 

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Success at First Seamount Dual Meet

Thursday, Sept, 25, we kicked off the Seamount League dual meet season against Mt. Rainier and Tyee.  Both the boys varsity and junior varsity easily won against both teams.  The girls ran well, but were unable to beat Mt. Rainier.  They did beat Tyee, as well as Kennedy, who ran in the meet but did not score.  Click below for splits and times.


All-City Results

The results were mostly positive at the All-City meet yesterday.  Many of the runners on our team ran great, and two of the three teams met their goals.  The Varsity boys were the big story, defeating Renton, Hazen, and Kennedy to cap off an undefeated season.  But the boys didn't just beat those teams.  It is more accurate to say that we gave them a beating, since we took the top four spots against both Hazen and Renton.  The final score was Lindbergh 20 and both Hazen and Renton 35.  We beat Kennedy 18 to 37.

The girls team also came away with an important victory, beating Kennedy and finishing the season with a winning record, 4 – 3.  The impressive part of this win was that our #3 runner did not run due to shin splints.  Fortunately, other girls stepped up big and put the smack-down on Kennedy 24 – 35.

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Victory At Tyee

Lindbergh swept Highline and Tyee yesterday in all races:  JV Boys, Girls, and Varsity Boys.  This brings our records to 4 – 0 for both boys teams, and 3 – 1 for the girls.  Next week on Thursday is the big All-City meet at Seward Park.  Hopefully the boys can finish off an undefeated season, while the girls can lock in a winning record.

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Home Meet Results

A big crowd came to watch us Thursday as the boys team defeated Evergreen and Mt. Rainier, while the girls beat Evergreen.

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