Awards Banquet Info

2007 Cross Country Awards Banquet

Thursday, Nov. 15th,  6:00 – 8:00ish in the Lindbergh Library

This is a potluck.  Here are the assignments for what to bring:

Freshmen:  Dessert

Sophomores:  Main Dish

Juniors:  Side Dish/salad

Seniors:  Drinks


On To State!

Today at the district meet the Lindbergh boys team finished in second place behind Camas, the #3 ranked team in the state.  The top three teams were:  Camas 68, Lindbergh 89, and Peninsula 133.  We placed four runners in the top 20 (Trevor Thompson 6th, Matt Miland 7th, and Joseph Patt 10th, Nate Reitz 20th).  Since the top seven teams qualify for the state meet, our boys team will once again compete in Pasco next week.  Our girls team did not qualify for the state meet, but four of our top five runners ran lifetime PRs.

Click below for times and spilts.


District Meet Info

Sorry I haven't posted info for the district meet sooner, but here it is.

The meet is this Saturday at American Lake Golf Course, which is on the American Lake VA campus. 


10:30  Meet at Lindbergh

1:00  Girls race

2:30  Boys race

5:00 back at Lindbergh

 There is an admission fee, so come prepared.

Click below for directions.


League Champions!

Once again the Lindbergh boys took the top spot at the Seamount League meet, easily defeating the second place Renton team.  The top four team scores were Lindbergh 35, Renton 59, Hazen 81, and Mt. Rainier 91.  We placed our top four runners in the top eight places. 

The girls team also scored an important victory, defeating Highline to take the 4th spot and qualifying for the district meet.  Anna ran a PR and placed 6th in the race.

The JV boys team felt a sense of redemption by finishing second in the meet and defeating Renton after losing to them at all-city.

The meet director measured the course prior to the race and discovered that it was about 80 meters short of 5K.  To make it exactly 5K he added distance just after the mile mark.  This means that the course we ran yesterday is actually longer than we have been running at the league meet the past several years.  Additionally, we have received a large amount of rain in the past couple of weeks, which made the course pretty soggy in places.  The past few years the course has been dry and firm.  As a result, this course was at least 15 seconds slower than the course last year. 

The complete meet results can be found at

Click below for team times.


League Meet Information

Saturday, Oct. 20th is the League Meet at Evergreen High School.  The start times for the races have been changed to accomodate the student athletes who are taking the PSAT test that morning.  Here is the new schedule:

Team members arrive at Lindbergh ready to go  10:45

Bus leaves at 11:00 

Varisty Girls:  1:00

Varsity Boys:  1:30

JV Boys and Girls:  2:00

There will be an awards ceremony following the JV race.  The team should be back at Lindbergh around 4:00.

The top 4 teams and the top 20 individual runners at the league meet qualify for the district meet the following Saturday. 


All-City Results

The results were mostly positive at the All-City meet yesterday.  Many of the runners on our team ran great, and two of the three teams met their goals.  The Varsity boys were the big story, defeating Renton, Hazen, and Kennedy to cap off an undefeated season.  But the boys didn't just beat those teams.  It is more accurate to say that we gave them a beating, since we took the top four spots against both Hazen and Renton.  The final score was Lindbergh 20 and both Hazen and Renton 35.  We beat Kennedy 18 to 37.

The girls team also came away with an important victory, beating Kennedy and finishing the season with a winning record, 4 – 3.  The impressive part of this win was that our #3 runner did not run due to shin splints.  Fortunately, other girls stepped up big and put the smack-down on Kennedy 24 – 35.

Click below for results.


Nike Truck Coming To Lindbergh

This Friday the Nike truck is going to make a visit to our practice.  Nike has three trucks that tour the U.S. visiting high schools and setting up at meets.  We met the driver of one of these trucks at running camp this summer.  He is Alec Wall, who was one of the top runners in the U.S. when he was in high school, and he ran for the Unversity of Oregon.  He is going to meet with us to get some input on running shoes and clothing from the people on our team.  He will give away some freebies.  He will have some running shirts, etc. to buy (I think everything is $10).  Alec is probably going to run with us, and then after practice he is going to buy the team pizza. 

We are one of only a handful of teams that the Nike truck is visiting in the entire state, so this is pretty cool.  Bring some money to buy stuff if you want. 


All-City Meet Info

Thursday, Oct. 11th is the All-City meet.  It takes place at Seward Park.  The start of the race is at the highest point of the park, near the amphitheater.  Follow the road that winds up to the top of the park, and find a place to park nearby the start.  The races begin at the usual times:  JV Boys  3:30,  Girls  4:00,  Varsity Boys  4:30.  See you there.


Victory At Tyee

Lindbergh swept Highline and Tyee yesterday in all races:  JV Boys, Girls, and Varsity Boys.  This brings our records to 4 – 0 for both boys teams, and 3 – 1 for the girls.  Next week on Thursday is the big All-City meet at Seward Park.  Hopefully the boys can finish off an undefeated season, while the girls can lock in a winning record.

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