Seamount League Champions

Today we swept the Seamount League Championship meet.  Our girls varsity probably had the best race of the day.  Even though we didn't run Jasmine in order to rest her shin, we still won easily.  The girls all ran great.  Everyone else ran well also, and we easily won each of the races.  The complete results will be posted on

Here are the team scores:

Girls Varsity:  Lindbergh 27, Hazen 67, Renton 90, Mt. Rainier 95, Kennedy 106, Highline 111

Boys Varsity:  Lindbergh 28, Hazen 72, Kennedy 100, Mt. Rainier 103, Foster 104, Renton 111, Highline 214, Evergreen 238

Boys JV: Lindbergh 20, Hazen 41, MR 81 Renton 103, Kennedy 153, Foster 164

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Seamount League Triple Crown

Today Lindbergh completed the Cross Country Triple Crown, becoming league champions with all three teams:  Girls, Varsity Boys, and JV Boys.  This is the first season we have won all three titles in the same year!  In addition to the team titles, Sarah Rieter became the Seamount League individual champion, winning by 45 seconds.  Also, if our JV boys were allowed to compete in the varsity race, they would have finished 4th place.  This means that they would have qualified for the West Central District meet as a varsity team.  Additionally, our top 3 JV runners (CJ Timm, Alex Nelsen, and Brett Love) all would have qualified individually to compete in the district varsity race.  (James Cornell is getting over a calf injury, so he ran a tempo run in the JV race as a workout–he will be running  varsity at Districts, however).

Girls Team Scores:  Lindbergh  42, Hazen  57,  Renton  73,  Mt. Rainier  73,  Highline  100,  Kennedy  146

Boys Varsity Team Score:  Lindbergh  23,  Hazen  64,  Mt. Rainier  67,  Lindbergh JV Team 110, Foster  127,  Kennedy  136,  Renton  143,  Highline  157

JV Boys:  Lindbergh  18,  Hazen  41,  Mt. Rainier  110,  Foster  123,  Renton  139,  Kennedy  145,  Highline,  161

JV Girls:  Hazen  16,  Mt. Rainer  69,  Lindbergh  71,  Kennedy  86

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Joel Purcell


Joel Purcell was an amazing runner. His coaches believed he must have been one of the most gifted athletes they had ever watched. Joel had a mysterious heart problem that at times affected his running. We believe he was one of the few runners who, through mental strength, could push his body past its physical limits. Joel was a league and district champion, and a Lindbergh captain. He was also one of the most mature and intelligent runners to ever compete for Lindbergh.


Habtamu Aregaw


Habtamu Aregaw was a transfer from Kentlake HS. He came to Lindbergh already having establised himself as one of the top area and state runners. Habtamu was all-state, ran in the Nike Border Clash, a Lindbergh captain, and went on to run shortly for the University of Washington.


  • South Puget Sound North Division (2nd place 1996 as freshman, champion in 1997)
  • State meet (81st in 1996, 31st 1997, 11th place 1998, 9th in 1999 )
  • SeaKing District meet (2nd place 1998, 2nd place 1999)
  • Seamount League champion (1999)
  • Boys captain (1998, 1999)



Sam Ahlbeck


Sam Ahlbeck was an immediate natural at the sport. Having left football to run he immediately placed himself as one of the top league and district runners in his first season. Sam went on to win the state championship in 2004 with a 5k time of 15:46. Sam went on to run for Washington State University.


Lindbergh Boys Are Undisputed League Champs–The Girls Qualify for Districts

The Boys Varsity capped off a perfect league season by easily winning the Division meet. Lindbergh scored only 38 points, while the second place team–Hazen–scored 64. Lindbergh packed four runners in the top ten, and five runners in the top fifteen.

The girls team ran a strong team race, finishing 4th in the King Division and earning a spot at the district meet next saturday.

The J.V. Boys defeated the Kennedy boys to take fourth place.

Here are the complete results.

2003 King Division Championships

The 2003 league championships. Lindbergh’s league title was already decided by the dual meet record, however, Hazen tied Lindbergh in the team scoring for the meet at 61. Sam Ahlbeck was the individual champion.