First Day of Practice is Monday, August 22nd.

We will meet at 2:30 on Monday the 22nd under the skybridge. In order to come to practice you first must get your athletic clearance taken care of. Do this as early in the week (starting Monday, August 15th) as possible. Here is how you get your clearance:

1. Get a physical. You can either get one from your family doctor or go to a walk-in clinic such as the one by the Benson Fred Meyer. There are NO phyicals at Lindbergh this year like there have been in past years. Bring a clearance form with you to have the doctor sign. You can get this either from one of our team captains at Tiffany Park or stop by the main office at the school. If you don’t have a form, have your doctor give you a printout that he signs.
2. Go to school and see Mrs. Koch in her office next to the student store. You need to pay for your ASB card ($30) and you need to pay your sports participation fee ($75 unless you qualify for free or reduced lunch, then it is half).
3. Go to Mrs. Clark’s office in the attendance office. Bring her the reciepts showing that you paid your fees. She will check on your academic eligibility and make sure that you don’t have any fines. Also, bring her your athletic clearance form with your physical form. You are not officially cleared until Mrs. Clark says that you are.

First Day of Practice Coming Soon: Keep running and get cleared!

We have about one month of the summer left until we start the first day of practice. The first day of practice is August 22nd. This means that you need to get your athletic clearance done prior to this day. Your clearance requires: having a physical, paying your sports fee, buying an ASB card, and filling out all paperwork. Get your physical ASAP. Your can do all of your clearance stuff the week of August 15 – 19th at school. In the meantime, KEEP RUNNING!

First Day of Practice

Monday is the first day of practice.  The guys who have been running around 40 miles a week or more will meet in the morning at 9:00 for a light run.  The entire team will meet at 2:30 under the skybridge.  Make sure you are cleared before you come to practice. 

See you there.


First Day of Practice is One Month Away!

The first day of practice is really just around the corner.  This means that if you have been running so far this summer you are doing awesome!  Keep it up.  If you haven't been running so far, it is time to get going.  You only have one month to get in shape before the season starts.

In addition to running as much as possible over the next month, you also need to think about getting cleared for practice.  Here is what you need to know abour athletic clearance:

First Day of Practice:  Monday, August 24th at 2:30 (meet under the Sky Bridge)


You are not able to come to practice until you have your athletic clearance. 

 Steps to Getting Cleared:   

1.  Get a physical.  If you got a physical at school in June, this will count or this year’s physical.  If not, then either make an appointment with your family doctor or go to one of the walk-in medical clinics in the area (there is one by the Benson Fred Meyer).  These do not require an appointment.  Bring the physical form with you so that the doctor can sign it.


2.  Fill out all parts of the clearance packet.  Have your parents sign it in all or the required places.

 3.  Pay your sports fee ($75, or $37.50 if you qualify for free and reduced lunch) and buy your ASB card ($30).  You can do this with Ms. Koch in the Lindbergh Commons.  If money is an issue, be sure to tell me so I can figure out a way to cover the costs.  I don’t want money to keep anyone from getting cleared.  Clearance days at School:  August 17th – August 21st 

4.  Bring your physical filled-out clearance packet (signed by the doctor and your parents) AND the receipts from your Sports Fee and ASB Card to Ms. Clark in the attendance office.  She will check off your stuff and officially clear you.