Week #6 Rettblog

summerpopsiclesWeek #6 is now over, which means that we have now reached the half-way mark of the summer training schedule.  This is the time of the summer that is the most crucial–and the most difficult–in terms of training.  The early excitement of summer has worn off.  The start of the new year seems like a long ways away.  Getting up in the morning to run is harder and harder because everyone is going to bed later and later.  This is the time to really dig in and run consistently, however.  If you can keep training these next few weeks, then you will be in good shape.  Once we hit August, the first cross country practice will only be a few weeks away, which will provide more motivation for you.  Believe me, those who are training now will have a HUGE advantage once the season starts. 

Next week is running camp, and several of our team members will be participating.  They are:  Matt, Trevor, Nate, Joe, James, James, CJ, Thanh, and Anna.  I will also be at camp all week.  Everyone else needs to just keep running. 

At the end of week #6 I have finally broken the 200 mile mark–205 miles to be exact.  This is 20 miles ahead of schedule for the 500 mile club.  So far I am staying healthy and feeling good.  I need to start working in more long runs–8 – 10 milers. 

 Last week on Wednesday was the hottest day of the summer so far–98 degrees.  Only a few people had the guts to show up and run on such a hot day.  Those who did were rewarded with ice cold water and popcicles.



Week #5 Rettblog

Week #2 Rettblog

It has been great to run with so many people, and to see others running on their own.  Off season mileage is the key to success during the season.  Click below for inspiration and mileage updates.


New Summer Feature: Rettblog by Rettdog

Each week this summer I am going to post a blog entry that I am going to call the Rettblog.  I will discuss events that happened during the week or that are planned for the coming weeks.  I will give a sampling of the summer mileage logs of various team members so that we can see what people are doing.  I will also include my own running log so that you can see that even old people like me have goals and have to work to achieve them.  Occassionally I might tell funny or inspirational running stories.  I will also include candid pictures from our summer runs and events.  Be sure to check the site regularly througout the summer so that you can keep up with what's going on.  You can email me your weekly mileage, or anything else, and I will include it on the site.  Use my home email account, not the one at school:  jrettmann@hotmail.com

My goals for the summer:  1)  stay healthy  (My calf has been giving me problems, as many of you know.  The past few summers I have had to take time off).  2)  Run 500 miles (of course, this depends on the being able to accomplish goal #1)

My week #1 mileage:  30 miles

 Keep running!