We’re Back!

Falcon Running Camp at Camp Casey on Whidbey Island just ended.  Everyone who went to camp had a great time, learned a lot, and put in quality miles.  I just added some pictures of the week (although some didn't load correctly–I'll try to fix that). 

Cross Country practice begins in just three weeks.  If you don't have a physical, then you need to get one now!  You will also need to go to school and do your athletic clearance.  Very soon I will post all of the clearance info. 

Keep on running!  Every mile you run now will benefit you greatly later in the season.


Leaving For Running Camp

Today nine runners and I are off to running camp on Whidbey Island.  We get back on Friday.  Next weekend I will post some pictures and hi-lites from camp.  Everyone who is not going to camp needs to keep running.  We are one month away from the start of cross country season.  If you don't already have a physical, now is the time to start making an appointment with your doctor.  When I get back from camp I will send everyone the clearance information. 

At the end of week #7 I have hit 247 miles for the summer, after running 42 miles for the week.  From here on every week needs to be between 40 and 50 miles in order to reach my goal of the the 500 mile club.  Trevor is also on schedule.  Matt dropped behind by a few miles, but he will certainly catch back up by the end of running camp.  At last report, James was also on track to hit 500.  He just returned from North Dakota yesterday–I'm looking forward to running with him at camp.  Anna is on track to surpass the 250 mile club.  Michelle just returned from a three-week family trip to Oregon and California. 

Have a great week.


Lindbergh Runners go to Camp

Five members of the Lindbergh cross country team attended running camp this summer.