Tahoma Coed Relay and Family Potluck Information

This Saturday, Sept. 10th is the Tahoma Coed Relays and the team/family potluck. This is a very fun meet and a great oppotunity for parents, coaches, and team-members to get to know one another. The meet takes place at Lake Wilderness Park in Maple Valley (go out Petrovitsky to Maple Valley highway. Go South on Maple Valley Highway. Turn right on Witte Road. Follow signs to the park).

Here is the schedule:

6:45 Team arrives at Lindbergh and loads bus
7:00 Bus leaves
7:20 Arrive at the park/unload
8:30 Open Race (this is most of our team)
9:00 Relay (Sarah, Anna, Mo, Nathan, Ben and Brenna, Thuong, Mitchell, Westerling, Eugene)
10:45ish Awards
11:15 Team and Family Potluck
12:30ish Leave park to return to Lindbergh

What to Bring to the Potluck:
Freshmen: Sweets (cookies, brownies, etc)
Sophomores: Main Dish type thing
Juniors: Drinks
Seniors: Salads/sides

Tahoma Coed Relays

Lindbergh's top team finished 2nd place today at the coed relays–our best finish ever.  This team, made up of Nate Tandecki, Sarah Reiter, Nate Reitz, Ericka Galindo, and Trevor Thompson, ran very well and was only a few seconds behind the winning team. 

We also had a great time with the team / parent potluck.  Thanks everyone for bringing stuff.  I enjoyed getting a chance to meet parents.  For the second year in a row we lucked out with the nice weather.

The length of this course is somewhere between 1.5 and 2.0 miles.  Since we don't know the exact distance, and since you run through pretty deep water for 80 meters, the times don't mean much.  The course is always a little different from year to year as well, so comparison between years is not useful.  Most of our team members were about 35 – 40 seconds faster at this course than at the class meet on Thursday.  If you were more than 40 seconds faster, then you had a much better race here than at the class meet.

Click below for times.


Tahoma Coed Relay Information

Tahoma Coed Relays Saturday, September 12th 

Meet Location:  Lake Wilderness State Park, Maple Valley

 Times in Bold are set times.  Everything else is an estimate. 

6:45     Arrive at Lindbergh 

7:15     Arrive at Lake Wilderness by bus 

7:45     Begin Warm-up for people in the Open Race 

8:15     First Leg of Relay begins warming up 

8:30     Open Race Starts  (everyone who is not on a relay team runs in this race) 

9:00     Relay Race starts  (all team members check in at the start) 

10:45   Awards ceremony 

11:00   Begin Potluck/picnic 

1:00     Back at school 

Potluck Information:  All family members are invited to watch the race and join in on the potluck.  It is a great chance for everyone to get to know one another better.  We will also have a mini parent meeting to talk about up-coming meets, fundraisers, etc.


Frosh               Main dish type thing


Sophs               drinks


Juniors              plates, cups, forks, napkins, etc.


Seniors             snacks/desserts/fruit



Tahoma Relay Results

The 2006 Tahoma Coed Relays were a success:  the weather cooperated, everyone had fun at the BBQ, and our team ran very well.  For the first time we had a relay team place in the top ten.  Trevor Thompson, Madeline Platt, Matt Miland, Patty Harvey, and Chris Miland placed 10th.

 Click below for the complete Lindbergh results.


Tahoma Coed Relays this Saturday

This Saturday is our first cross country meet–the Tahoma Coed Relays.  We will also hold our team and family BBQ after the races are completed.  Everyone is invited.  This is a very low-key but fun meet.  It is the only time all season that competitors in the meet get to run through a lake for part of the course. 

 Click below for Saturday's schedule.


Tahoma Coed Relays at Lake Wilderness State Park

This Saturday is our first cross country race.  It is also our team/family BBQ.  Here is the schedule for the day.

RIT Coast-to-Coast 2 – Max Ferguson

Update: RIT finishes the coast to coast run in 12 days, 3 hours and 48 minutes to break the old RIT record by over two full days. Max Ferguson held one of the fastest paces for the entire run in the low 6’s. Good job Max and RIT.

Alumni Max Ferguson (’03) is running in a historic commemoration of the first coast-to-coast run by RIT in 1979. The run began on Wednesday November 17th and in the first three days they have run over 620 miles – bringing them from San Diego to their current position just past the Rockies in New Mexico. According to their website they are ahead of record pace and running at an average of 9.25 MPH (mid-6 minute pace).

If you are interested in following along with this historic even and Max’s progress please view the RIT Coast-to-Coast Run website, you can find daily updates posted to their blog.