Sarah Reiter is state champion! Girls Team Finishes 6th

Sarah won the 2A girls state championship this morning at Sun Willows golf course with a time of 18:03. Sarah joins Sam Ahlbeck (2004) as the second Lindbergh runner to win the cross country individual championship. Anna Patti also made the awards stand with her 6th place finish with a time of 19:01, which moves her to the #3 all time fastest Lindbergh girl.  For the second year in a row the girls team finished in 6th place at the state meet.  All of the girls ran very well, running either a PR or within a few seconds of it on a challenging state meet course.  Though plaqued by injuries the first half of the season, the girls came through huge at the end of the season.

 Full girls results.

A Big Win at the Lindbergh Home Meet

The boys JV, the girls varsity and the boys varsity all easily won the meet Thursday against Evergreen and Foster.  In the JV race, Evan Fiore put in a big surge and pulled away from the Lindbergh pack to win the race.  Sarah Reiter won the girls race.  Her time of 18:08 set a new Lindbergh course record by 2:40 (the old record was 20:48).  Mark Garcia took first place in the boys varsity race.

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2 – 0

We started the Seamount League dual meet season yesterday with a clean sweep of Tyee and Highline, with the JV boys, varsity girls, and the varsity boys each getting victories.  The results will eventually be put on

Another meet, another victory, another course record!

The Lindbergh cross country team competed at the Fort Steilacoom invitational Saturday.  The boys varsity took first place overall, as did the JV boys top 5.  The girls varsity finished second in the small school category (2A or smaller).  The rest of the JV boys took 2nd overall in the second JV race.  There were 32 teams competing in the meet.

Sarah Reiter won the individual race, setting a course record by :13 seconds in the process.  She also moved up the Lindbergh all-time list, becoming the best runner in Lindbergh history.

The girls ran short-handed due to sickness, church events, and injuries.  We are looking forward to getting all of the girls in our upcoming races.

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Trevor Thompson makes 2007 Washington All-state team

November7, 2007 – The Washington State Cross Country Coaches Association announced its all-state team for 2007. Fifty runners are chosen each year as part of the all state team. Trevor Thompson joined the state's elite ranks with his performance at the state meet. 

For the full list of all-state runners, see


Three Team Members Make the Road Warrior

Madeline Platt, Chris Miland, and Matt Miland all ran the entire half-mile, 5 honk Road Warrior today (Sat. Oc 7).  For anyone who doesn't know, a Road Warrior is where the coach drives his car at a constant speed (15 mph for the guys and 12 mph for the girls), honking his horn every tenth of a mile.  Runners, in groups of 3 – 5, run along side of the car for as long as they can.  Once a runner drops behind the back bumper, he or she has to stop.  The goal is to see how many honks you can last.  The road we run the Road Warriors on is 1/2 of a mile.  The guys who make it the entire way run the 1/2 mile in 2:00.  The girls run it in 2:30.

Chris was able to run two Road Warriors today.  He looked like he could have run all the way to Lake Washington at that speed.

Everyone on the team ran awesome and had a lot of fun.  Check out the photo gallery for pictures.




Nelson’s Trevor Thompson Sets New All-City Mile Record

The conditions were perfect–the deluge of rain that hit Renton earlier in the day stopped.  The wind that often blows through the stadium calmed.  Blue sky appeared above the track, allowing rays of sunshine to warm the air to a perfect temperature.  The main grandstands were near full of fans.  The two heavy weights–Thompson and Vanuland–stepped onto the track for a rematch of their early season confrontation that saw Thompson win by two tenths of a second after leading the entire race.  Both runners ran 5:00 in that race, barely missing the chance to become the first runners in Renton middle-school track history to run sub-5:00.



A New Lindbergh Record

Matt Miland has set a new Lindbergh mile record for a freshman.

PRs For Everyone at the Mile Time Trial

Every cross country season on the Monday of the last week before state our varsity runners race a mile on the track at Renton Stadium.  The purpose is to get the sensation of running very fast and to get the confidence boost of running a PR or close to it, even though we have been training for 5Ks and not 1600s.  Usually a few people on the team manage to run a PR.  This year, every one who ran accomplished a PR.  Here are the mile times (only the guys ran).

“Staying Alive” on Road Warrior Saturday

Few runners have completed the famous but extremely difficult Road Warrior workout.  In a Road Warrior, I drive my car at a constant speed (15 mph for the boys, 12 mph for the girls) while 3-4 runners at a time run along side.  Every tenth of a mile I honk the horn.  The goal for the runners is to see how many honks they can keep up with the car.  As soon as a runner fades behind the back bumper, he or she must stop.  We run the Road Warriors on the road leading to Philip Arnold Park.  This road is a half a mile in length.  For a guy to make all five honks he must run the half mile in 2:00.  The girls run 2:30.  This workout requires extreme mental and physical toughness to keep up as long as possible.  Read on to see who made it to the gate.