19 Team Members Run the Entire Lake Youngs Loop

Saturday, September 23 was our team run-a-thon fundraiser.  Not only did we raise a record amount of money, but more importantly we had a record number of team members run the entire Lake Youngs loop–a hilly 9.3 mile run that is a Red Badge of Courage for our runners.  We have never had this many people run the entire loop at one time.

Click below to see who made the loop.


Lake Youngs record in jeoperdy

Josh Kratzer makes a run for Max Ferguson’s 57:02 record around Lake Youngs last thursday Dec 15th.

Lake Youngs Record Falls–Max Ferguson Runs 57:02

This summer has seen several worthy attempts by Josh Kratzer, Sam Ahlbeck, and Max Ferguson to capture the coveted 15K Lake Youngs loop record .