All-City Champs: JV, Girls, Varsity boys

Today was the best All-City meet Lindbergh has ever had.  Never before have we won all three races like we did today.  The JV boys beat Hazen18 to 42 and Renton 15 to 50.  The girls beat Hazen 27 to 30 and Renton 26 to 30.  The varsity boys beat Hazen 17 to 42 and Renton 15 to 50.  Our JV and Varsity boys both have a 8 – 0 record for the season.  The girls are 7 – 1.  All three teams can be league champs by winning the league meet next Saturday. 

The girls team was particularly impressive today.  We set goals for our top 5 regarding what places they needed to get in the meet for us to have a chance of winning.  Sarah was supposed to win, and she did.  Anna was supposed to beat Renton's #1 and Hazen's #2.  She did.  Jasmine was supposed to beat both team's #3.  She beat their #2s.  Nicolle was supposed to beat both team's #5.  She beat Hazen's #4 and Renton's #5.  Erika was supposed to beat both team's #5s.  She beat their #6s.  Our girls ran the second half of the race harder than the girls from the other teams.  We were simply the toughest team today.  Great job girls!

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League Champions!

Once again the Lindbergh boys took the top spot at the Seamount League meet, easily defeating the second place Renton team.  The top four team scores were Lindbergh 35, Renton 59, Hazen 81, and Mt. Rainier 91.  We placed our top four runners in the top eight places. 

The girls team also scored an important victory, defeating Highline to take the 4th spot and qualifying for the district meet.  Anna ran a PR and placed 6th in the race.

The JV boys team felt a sense of redemption by finishing second in the meet and defeating Renton after losing to them at all-city.

The meet director measured the course prior to the race and discovered that it was about 80 meters short of 5K.  To make it exactly 5K he added distance just after the mile mark.  This means that the course we ran yesterday is actually longer than we have been running at the league meet the past several years.  Additionally, we have received a large amount of rain in the past couple of weeks, which made the course pretty soggy in places.  The past few years the course has been dry and firm.  As a result, this course was at least 15 seconds slower than the course last year. 

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Success At League Championships

All three teams met their team goals today at the Seamount League championship meet.  The varstiy girls started the day off with a huge victory over Mt. Ranier to finish in third place in the league.  The varsity boys followed with a first place finish.  The J.V. boys finished up with a victory over Renton, to take second overall in the meet.  In addition to meeting all three team goals, many team members ran PRs on the challenging course at Evergreen High School.

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