An Undefeated Season and All-City Champs

Today we completed a perfect 8 – 0 Seamount League dual meet season with all three teams:  JV boys, Girls, and Varsity boys.  Ben Platt was the individual All-City JV champion, Sarah Reiter was the individual girls All-City champion, and Trevor Thompson was the varsity boys All-City champion. 

JV Boys Team Scores:  Lindbergh 18  Renton  41, Lindbergh 15  Hazen  49, Lindbergh 15  Kennedy 50

Girls Team Scores:  Lindbergh 22  Renton  34,  Lindbergh 16  Kennedy  46,  Lindbergh  27  Hazen  30

Varisty Boys:  Lindbergh 16  Renton  47,  Lindbergh  15  Kennedy  50,  Lindbergh  17  Hazen  46

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All-City Champs: JV, Girls, Varsity boys

Today was the best All-City meet Lindbergh has ever had.  Never before have we won all three races like we did today.  The JV boys beat Hazen18 to 42 and Renton 15 to 50.  The girls beat Hazen 27 to 30 and Renton 26 to 30.  The varsity boys beat Hazen 17 to 42 and Renton 15 to 50.  Our JV and Varsity boys both have a 8 – 0 record for the season.  The girls are 7 – 1.  All three teams can be league champs by winning the league meet next Saturday. 

The girls team was particularly impressive today.  We set goals for our top 5 regarding what places they needed to get in the meet for us to have a chance of winning.  Sarah was supposed to win, and she did.  Anna was supposed to beat Renton's #1 and Hazen's #2.  She did.  Jasmine was supposed to beat both team's #3.  She beat their #2s.  Nicolle was supposed to beat both team's #5.  She beat Hazen's #4 and Renton's #5.  Erika was supposed to beat both team's #5s.  She beat their #6s.  Our girls ran the second half of the race harder than the girls from the other teams.  We were simply the toughest team today.  Great job girls!

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All-City Meet at Seward Park

This Thursday in the All-City meet at Seward Park.  The race times are 3:30 for JV boys, 4:00 for the girls, and 4:30 for the varsity boys.  The start and finish to the race are at the highest point of the park.  Take the windy drive all the way up to the top of the park.  We start near the amphitheater.  See you there. 


All-City Results

The results were mostly positive at the All-City meet yesterday.  Many of the runners on our team ran great, and two of the three teams met their goals.  The Varsity boys were the big story, defeating Renton, Hazen, and Kennedy to cap off an undefeated season.  But the boys didn't just beat those teams.  It is more accurate to say that we gave them a beating, since we took the top four spots against both Hazen and Renton.  The final score was Lindbergh 20 and both Hazen and Renton 35.  We beat Kennedy 18 to 37.

The girls team also came away with an important victory, beating Kennedy and finishing the season with a winning record, 4 – 3.  The impressive part of this win was that our #3 runner did not run due to shin splints.  Fortunately, other girls stepped up big and put the smack-down on Kennedy 24 – 35.

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All-City Meet Info

Thursday, Oct. 11th is the All-City meet.  It takes place at Seward Park.  The start of the race is at the highest point of the park, near the amphitheater.  Follow the road that winds up to the top of the park, and find a place to park nearby the start.  The races begin at the usual times:  JV Boys  3:30,  Girls  4:00,  Varsity Boys  4:30.  See you there.


A Tough Day For Lindbergh at the All-City Meet

This year's All-City meet was not what we had hoped it would be.  Each of the Lindbergh teams finished the day with one win and two losses.  On the boys side, the day was made particularly difficult due to Chris Miland not running as a result of a calf strain suffered the previous day.  Without Chris, we had to move our top JV runner up to varsity, which left the JV without its usual fire power.  If we score the meet with Chris in the race, our varsity boys would have easily won, and the JV would have been very close.  One the girls side, our team ran very well and we easily defeated Kennedy. 

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Schedule Change: All City Meet Moved to Wednesday

The All-City meet was scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 12th.  Due to conflicts with Seward Park, we had to change the meet to Wednesday, Oct. 11th.  The races times are the same.  Spread the word.


Nelson’s Trevor Thompson Sets New All-City Mile Record

The conditions were perfect–the deluge of rain that hit Renton earlier in the day stopped.  The wind that often blows through the stadium calmed.  Blue sky appeared above the track, allowing rays of sunshine to warm the air to a perfect temperature.  The main grandstands were near full of fans.  The two heavy weights–Thompson and Vanuland–stepped onto the track for a rematch of their early season confrontation that saw Thompson win by two tenths of a second after leading the entire race.  Both runners ran 5:00 in that race, barely missing the chance to become the first runners in Renton middle-school track history to run sub-5:00.



Lindbergh Boys Sweep All-City

The varsity boys finished their dual meet season a perfect 7 – 0. In a race where all the teams ran very well, Lindbergh came out on top–barely. We easily defeated Kennedy and Renton, but we beat Hazen on a 6th runner tie break. Chris Miland took first place in the race, while Tor Ferguson ran a beastly 4th place finish. Ranvir has been having knee problems and almost didn’t run in the race. He took one for the team, however, and suffered through the challenging course. His gutsy race gave us the tie breaker.

Amazingly, Renton boys beat Hazen on a 6th runner tie break as well.

The Girls team, though losing to Renton and Hazen, ran very good races. Patty Harvey, in particular, ran the best race I have ever seen her run.

Here are the complete results.


The All-City Meet

This Thursday we race at Seward Park against Renton and Hazen.  In Seward Park there is a road that follows the lake, and there is a road that winds up the hill to the highest elevation point in the park.  To get to the start, drive up the windy road that takes up to the top.  The start line is right above the amphitheater.  See you there.