Whoa what changed? – New design?

Hello LHSXC fans,

Every so often I have to upgrade the web application that runs this site. We were previously using a content manangement system called Joomla and while it was quite powerful, it was also very difficult to keep up to date with the latest security patches.  It was also overkill for the kind of publishing that we do on this site.

So, I’ve switched the website over to use the WordPress blogging application. All of the articles and pages have been migrated. I still need to migrate the Photo Gallery but that will happen shortly.

Please comment if you have feedback or can think of features you’d like to see from the website.

Server maintenance

Over this past week, I've been performing much needed maintenance on the server. I've migrated the website from a Windows machine to a Linux machine. This won't mean much to the users of this site except hopefully better performance. Rettdog might need to change a few things in the photo gallery uploads. I'll email you in a while with any changes.


If you find any problems on the website at all, please email me or post in the forum. You can reach me at brett AT devlance.com.  Current known problems that I am working on:

  • Photo gallery is not working correctly yet (fixed 11/4 at 10:30am)


New website

As we are beginning to think about the upcoming season, I thought it would be appropriate to redesign the website. The new website should load much faster for many of you.

We've also added more content to the site:

  • Mileage club members
  • Road warriors
  • Team records back to 1981
  • Search function

We would appreciate receiving any suggestions that you might have for further improving the website or ideas on new content that we should post. Feel free to post a comment in the forums or send me an email .


Race Results at www.seamounttrack.com

Remember that you can see the results of every athlete in our division in every event for every meet of the season at www.seamounttrack.com