Awards Night Potluck Information

Our Cross Country Awards Potluck will be Tuesday, November 17th at 6:00 in the Lindbergh library.  All family members are invited to join with us as we celebrate the cross country season.  This is a potluck dinner so we ask that everyone bring something.  I will provide the plates, forks, cups, etc.

Freshmen     Side dish / Salad

Sophomores     main dish

Juniors     drinks

Seniors   desserts

Cross Country Awards Night

 The 2008 Cross Country awards banquet will be Tuesday, Nov. 18th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm in the Lindbergh library.  All family members are invited.  Please come and celebrate with us another successful season. 

This awards night is also a potluck.  All family members are invited.  Please bring the following:

Freshmen:  main dish

Sophomores:  desserts

Juniors:  salad / side dish

Seniors:  Drinks


Awards Banquet Info

2007 Cross Country Awards Banquet

Thursday, Nov. 15th,  6:00 – 8:00ish in the Lindbergh Library

This is a potluck.  Here are the assignments for what to bring:

Freshmen:  Dessert

Sophomores:  Main Dish

Juniors:  Side Dish/salad

Seniors:  Drinks


Awards Banquet Information

Cross Country Awards Banquet 

Tuesday, November 14th 6:00 – 8:00 pm 

This will be a potluck dinner.  Your families are invited.  Everyone needs to bring something—see the list below.

 Freshmen:         Salad or Side Dish 

Sophomores:    Desserts 

Juniors:   Drinks 

Seniors:            Main Dish

**I will provide paper plates, plastic forks, cups, etc.


Runners of the Week

Two people earned the Runner of the Week award for the week of the district meet.  They are Bailey Bangerter and David Rice.  Here is why they were chosen.

Runner of the Week Awards from the League Meet

Although quite a few runners on our team had very strong races at the League meet(such as Bailey Bangerter, Sharaya Bradley, Kalen Hardwick, Stephen Root, and several others), the two people who have excelled the most recently based on their workouts and their races are Kenneth Yuen and Andy Dean.  They are this weeks Runners of the Week.  Here is why.

Kalen Hardwick Earns Runner of the Week Award

Kalen has made his presence felt in his first season on the cross country team.  This week he was our number one runner in the J.V. race.

Stephen Root Earns Runner of the Week Award

Stephen Root continues to work hard and improve.  He has become one of our top J.V. runners.

Matt Miland earns Runner of the Week

With so many people running outstanding races at the Bellevue Invitational, it was extremely difficult to choose just one Runner of the Week.  After a great deal of agonizing over the decision, I finally decided to award it to our fast little freshman Matt.