Sarah Reiter is state champion! Girls Team Finishes 6th

Sarah won the 2A girls state championship this morning at Sun Willows golf course with a time of 18:03. Sarah joins Sam Ahlbeck (2004) as the second Lindbergh runner to win the cross country individual championship. Anna Patti also made the awards stand with her 6th place finish with a time of 19:01, which moves her to the #3 all time fastest Lindbergh girl.  For the second year in a row the girls team finished in 6th place at the state meet.  All of the girls ran very well, running either a PR or within a few seconds of it on a challenging state meet course.  Though plaqued by injuries the first half of the season, the girls came through huge at the end of the season.

 Full girls results.

  • Mary & Bob Hunter says:

    We were there and it was something to see–Sarah leading the pack as she swept across the finish line–the pack was trailing. Good luck in Boise this weekend, Sarah. Thank you for an exciting weekend.

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