Lake Youngs Record Falls–Max Ferguson Runs 57:02

This summer has seen several worthy attempts by Josh Kratzer, Sam Ahlbeck, and Max Ferguson to capture the coveted 15K Lake Youngs loop record .

In the winter of 2003, Joel Purcell covered the hilly, gravelly course in an impressive time of 58:53, a time that has not been touched until this summer. A competition of sorts developed after Max Ferguson neared the record with a solid 59:17 effort. The very next day, Sam and Josh set out to better their parapetetic former teammate. Working together they managed a speedy 58:58–ahead of Max but not quite the record. Sensing the record was within his grasp, Max deployed a new strategy and made one more attempt. Wearing his cross country racing spikes and with the help of David Desmarais, who paced the first two miles, and Joel Purcell, who paced the final two miles, Max crested the final hill in a new record time of 57:02. The joy of setting a new record was tempered only by the “fatty” blister Max developed on his big toe as a result of wearing his racing spikes.

Will Sam make one more effort at the record before he leaves for school? Will Josh, who is full of confidence after outkicking Ferguson in the Renton River Days, decide he can edge Max once again? Will one of our current team members step up to the challenge? Stay tuned.

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