Lindbergh Runners go to Camp

Five members of the Lindbergh cross country team attended running camp this summer.

Ranvir Sahota, Andy Dean, Tor Ferguson, and James Turnbull went to the White Pass/Clear Lake running camp. They all said they learned a lot and had a great time, although they did manage to have their t.v. and stereo confiscated for playing their music and movies too loud. They ran twice a day each day and participated in the King of the Mountain run and the camp race (2.4 miles) on the last day of the week.

Despite his best efforts, however, Tor was not able to get any of the girls at the camp to give him their phone numbers. For that matter, neither Andy nor Ranvir fared any better on this front. It is unclear whether or not James even tried.

Madeline Platt, along with recent graduate Tori Swanson, went to the Falcon Running Camp at Camp Casey on Whidbey Island. This is their second year in a row attending this camp, and they said they had a great time. The Falcon camp is run by Doris Heritage, one of the best distance runners in the world in her day, along with other accomplished high school and college coaches.

Keep on running!

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