Fundraiser Information

Here are the step-by-step directions for how to submit a report on Angie’s List and earn the Lindbergh Cross Country team money.  Remember, the deadline for our fundraiser is Sunday, September 25th.  The more reports are filled out, the more money we make, so try to get as many people as you can to fill out a report.

1. Think of some services you have hired around the house. If you have old receipts or business cards, get them out! Examples of applicable services include:

handymen carpet cleaners house cleaners landscapers plumbers remodelers
roofers exterminators home builders locksmiths pool maintenance

…anything for your home, garden, automobile, and even pets! To see a complete list, click here

2. Go to
3. Click on Submit Reports
4. Click on the City drop-down arrow and select SEATTLE
• any household can fill out a reports, but they must be no further than 50 miles from the downtown area
5. Click on the Organization drop-down arrow and select LINDBERGH CROSS COUNTRY
6. Click on the "Click Here" icon and print out a list of categories to report on
*some types of services are worth $5, some are worth $2
7. Fill out your contact information (you only have to do this once)
8. Fill out the company contact information (address and phone are REQUIRED)
9. Fill out the company review – please don’t forget the details…Job Cost and
Comments (minimum 4 sentences) are required!
10. Click on the box to verify no relationship with the service provider you reported on. You cannot be related to, working for, or in competition with anyone in the company.
11. Click on Submit Report (and submit another!!)

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