Kalen Hardwick Earns Runner of the Week Award

Kalen has made his presence felt in his first season on the cross country team.  This week he was our number one runner in the J.V. race.

Kalen first began running with the team over the summer.  He started slowly, building up his miles and getting acclimated to the sport.  He has progressed rapidly throughout this season, running very respectable times.  This Thursday we were without Eric Fisher and Billy Doyle in the J.V. race, our normal top two runners.  I told the remaining J.V. guys that they needed to step it up and take responsibility for competing against Mt. Rainier.  More than anyone else on the team, Kalen followed this exhortation.  He went out with the leaders in the race and put in a few nice surges in the middle of the race.  The course we ran on was muddy and slow, but somehow Kalen managed to PR by about seventeen seconds.  For his beastly performance in the meet, Kalen earned this week’s Runner of the Week award.

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