Lindbergh Boys Are Undisputed League Champs–The Girls Qualify for Districts

The Boys Varsity capped off a perfect league season by easily winning the Division meet. Lindbergh scored only 38 points, while the second place team–Hazen–scored 64. Lindbergh packed four runners in the top ten, and five runners in the top fifteen.

The girls team ran a strong team race, finishing 4th in the King Division and earning a spot at the district meet next saturday.

The J.V. Boys defeated the Kennedy boys to take fourth place.

Here are the complete results.

Varsity Girls:

6th Olga Sievers 22:05
12th Patty Harvey 23:23
13th Madeline Platt 23:26
17TH Bailey Bangerter 23:54
30th Jessica Miller 25:30
40th Megan Glodowski 29:40

Varsity Boys:

2nd Chris Miland 16:51
4th Tor Ferguson 17:06
8th Matt Miland 17:30
9th Andy Dean 17:35
15th James Turnbull 17:51
20th Ranvir Sahota 17:59
22nd David Rice 18:15


Kalen Hardwick 20:07
Stephen Root 20:12
Kenneth Yuen 20:42
Eric Fisher 20:56
Brian Jensen 21:10
Nick Carlson 21:28
Scott Morrison 21:35
Kameron Peck 22:07
Jan Rey Pioquinto 23:28
Will Rondeau 23:30
Les Meadows 25:32
Justin Tran 27:00

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