Want to race faster?

Well we all have a few races under our belts now, and am sure that the question has come up “how can I be faster?” I am here to help give you some advice that has come to me from former runners and 3 1/2 years of race experiences. The most important thing is…

Listen to your COACH. You are already fighting fatigue and other runners why fight your coach too. I know he may say some things that don’t make much since in a race like “go faster” when you can barely keep moving but trust me he knows you better then you know yourself. So if you want to drop time LISTENING to Den Mother is a good idea. Second walk the course before you run it. Ask teammates how they will approach it. Your first idea of how to race it may be wrong or even better you might help a teammate run better. The last thing is Compete! I know we all want to PR, but hey this is a race you want to Win! If you battle with everyone for position in a race you might be surprised to see yourself end up closer to the top and see your time drop also.

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