Lake Youngs record in jeoperdy

Josh Kratzer makes a run for Max Ferguson’s 57:02 record around Lake Youngs last thursday Dec 15th.

I decided to go out and see how close I could get to that very impressive 57:02 that Max laid down this past summer. I missed the record by 4 seconds running a 57:06.
It wasn’t easy it was freezing out. Frost covered everything that was still in the shade maximum high of 38 degrees in the sun. That Lake Youngs trail has some really cold spots too. It was hard to breath while going through those my lungs were burning in the below freezing temperature.
I started in a different spot because I ran to the trail from my house. I started where the pipeline meets the trail if you were to run to Lake Youngs from Lindbergh but I went the same direction as usual (toward and up the really steep hill).
I hope I can stay in shape to make another attemp when it is warmer out.

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