Time Trial Results

Saturday morning we ran our annual team time trial.  We ran yet another version of our home course at Lindbergh (more construction).  The distance was exactly 3 miles.  Conditions:  Sunny, hot, no wind, about 75 degrees.  Because it was a three-day weekend, several people were out of town.  The times at the time trial are slow every year compared to the times people will run during the season.  This is in part because it is the first race of the year, and in part because the course at Lindbergh is the slowest that we run on all year.

 Click below for the results.



Chris Miland 17.25

Trevor Thompson  17.25

Matt Miland  18.27

Tor Ferguson  18:48

Kenneth Yuen  19.16

Erik Fisher  20.04

Billy Doyle  20.05

Nate Reitz  20.05

Brian Jensen  20.54

James Cornell  21.00

Joe Patti  21.12

CJ Timm  22.12

Jimmy Doyle  22.12

Jan Rey Pioquinto  23.40

Evan Edgerton  24.06

Craig Foulds  25.11

James Truong  28.42

Joe Russo  31.51




Patty Harvey  25.47

Anna Sinclair  26.11

Michelle Rice  26.45

Megan Gladowski  30.22

Sarah Gladowski  31.16

Madison Platt  37.18


People Not Present


Bailey Bangerter

Madeline Platt

Brittani Toshi

Kayla Huddleston

Whitney Hain

Stephen Root


Did Not Finish Due to Injury


James Turnbull




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