A Tough Day For Lindbergh at the All-City Meet

This year's All-City meet was not what we had hoped it would be.  Each of the Lindbergh teams finished the day with one win and two losses.  On the boys side, the day was made particularly difficult due to Chris Miland not running as a result of a calf strain suffered the previous day.  Without Chris, we had to move our top JV runner up to varsity, which left the JV without its usual fire power.  If we score the meet with Chris in the race, our varsity boys would have easily won, and the JV would have been very close.  One the girls side, our team ran very well and we easily defeated Kennedy. 

Click below for individual times.

**Based on comparisons from previous years, the Seward Park course is the most difficult course we run on during the season.  It is typically :30 slower than Evergreen’s course where we hold the League meet.  Evergreen is probably the second most difficult course.


JV Boys


Kenneth Yuen  19.34

Stephen Root  20.11

James Cornell  20.12

Billy Doyle  20.15

Thanh Nguyen  20.25

Brian Jensen  20.30

CJ Timm  20.50

Jan Rey Pioquinto  21.22

Evan Edgerton  21.45

Craig Foulds  22.35

James Truong  23.40




Madeline  Platt  22.53

Bailey Bangerter  24.03

Anna Sinclair  24.28

Patty Harvey  24.34

Anna Resendiz  25.03

Michelle Rice  26.37

Sarah Glodowski  27.15

Megan Glodowski  28.09

Brittany Toshi  28.58

Madison Platt  35.21

Kayla Huddleston  35.48


Varsity Boys


Trevor Thompson  17.25

Matt Miland  17.30

Tor Ferguson  18.10

Erik Fisher  18.26

Joe Patti  18.27

Nate Reitz  18.28

James Turnbull  18.40


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