Week #2 Rettblog

It has been great to run with so many people, and to see others running on their own.  Off season mileage is the key to success during the season.  Click below for inspiration and mileage updates.

Remember Erik Fisher?  He went from being a JV guy to the #4 guy on our varsity at the state meet because he ran lots of miles during the summer.  I can think of lots of other people as well who vaulted from JV obscurity to varsity stardom because they were willing to put in the miles.  Kenneth Yuen comes to mind.  Some other notables in this regard are people whose names you can find on our All-Time Top 20 list, such as David Desmarais and Max Ferguson.  Both of these guys were very average JV freshmen when they first came to Lindbergh.  But then they trained during their sophomore and junior summers.  Now they are some of the best runners in the history of Lindbergh.  Those guys "filled their containers" with hard work on the off season.  I'm pretty sure looking back they don't regret a single mile that they ran. 

Who is going to be the next inspirational story on our team?

Here is a sampling of various people's training during week #2:  Joe Patti appears to have the most miles so far, with over 60 total.  Trevor Thompson is exactly on pace for the 500 mile club, with 45 miles so far.  Nate Reitz had a slow first week of training because of soccer stuff, but during week #2 he ran 23 miles.  Anna Resendiz has been cranking out about 4 miles a day, 7 days a week for the first two weeks.  I am still on pace for the 500 mile club, with 33 miles during week #2.

 Keep up the great running.  Give me updates on your training so that I can post them.

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