District Meet Info

Sorry I haven't posted info for the district meet sooner, but here it is.

The meet is this Saturday at American Lake Golf Course, which is on the American Lake VA campus. 


10:30  Meet at Lindbergh

1:00  Girls race

2:30  Boys race

5:00 back at Lindbergh

 There is an admission fee, so come prepared.

Click below for directions.



  1. From Sea-Tac Airport, go to I-5, South to Tacoma.          
  2. Continue south through Tacoma on I-5, then take exit 124.          
  3. Once you exit, get into the right hand lane and proceed onto Gravelly Lake Drive.          
  4. Veer left at the 2nd stoplight, go to the 3rd stoplight (approximately ½ mile), which will place you at the intersection of Gravelly Lake Drive and Veterans Drive.          
  5. Turn left at this light, (Veterans Drive SW) and follow Veterans Drive for approximately 1 mile. This will take you directly to the medical center grounds 
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