Team / Family Picnic at Tahoma Coed Relays Saturday Sept. 6th

The season has finally started, and we are off to a fantastic start.  Everyone has a great attitude and is working hard.  We have about 40 people on the team this year, and since we played the name game today everyone now knows all of their teammate's names.

Our first meet is coming up soon–Saturday, Sept. 6th at Lake Wilderness State Park in Maple Valley. This is a fun practice meet where the runners actually run through the lake in one section.  The meet starts at 8:30 a.m., and the awards ceremony will be over by about 11:00.  At that point we will have a team / family potluck.  This is a great chance for parents, coaches, and athletes to meet one another, and it is a fun tradition we have had for quite a few years.  Everyone on the team will be assigned to bring something to the potluck.

Freshman     main dish type thing

Sophomores     drinks

Juniors     snacks/desserts

Seniors     plates, cups, napkins, plastic forks, etc.

See you there.

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