Summer Running Mileage Clubs Begin

May 31st is the first official day of summer training, which means that this is the first week that counts toward the summer mileage clubs.  This year we are posting our summer miles on  Become a member and record your mileage there. Click below for registration directions.

Recording Your Summer Mileage:

This year we are implementing a new system for keeping track of your mileage during the summer.  To be eligible for one of the Mileage Clubs you must post your miles AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK at  I would like everyone on the team to post their mileage to this site.  If for some reason you cannot post here (no access to the internet, parents won’t allow you to create an account, etc), then you can record your miles on paper and turn it in to me at the end of the summer.

Flotrack will allow me to see your miles throughout the summer and to get feedback on how you are feeling. 

How to Register on

1.  go to

2.  click on flotrackr

3.  Click on Register

4.  Fill in the information that is required

                –put Lindbergh High School as the team name

5.  Click Go To Teams

6.  In the search box write Lindbergh High School and click search

7.  Click on Lindbergh High School

8.  Click  Become a Member

–this will put you on the request list.  I will then approve the request, and you will officially be a member.  Congratulations.

9.  You can experiment with stuff to add to your page. 

10.  To log your miles, click on My Profile, then click flotrackr, then click flotrackr tools, then click Running Logs


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