Girls Bring Home Hardware at Nike PreNationals

The Lindbergh girls placed 4th in the Varsity Division 1 race at the Nike Pre-Nationals today.  Six of the seven girls ran a PR, and all seven ran very well.  This was the most exciting girls race in years for Lindbergh!  Sarah Reiter was 3rd overall in the race, and Jasmine Fallgreen was 11th. 

The boys JV ran in the Varsity 2 race and placed 10th.  They were led by Nathan Haley and Brett Love.  It is great to see how competitive our JV team is against varsity teams!

The boys varsity finished 7th overall in the elite Jim Danner Championship race.  The competition was particularly tough this year.  Four of the seven guys ran a PR, and two others ran their second fastest races ever.  Trevor Thompson led the way with a 5th place finish overall. 

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Click below for times.

Sarah Reiter  19:06  6:09

Jasmine Fallgreen  20:06  6:28

Anna Patti  20:43  6:40

Ericka Galindo  21:46  6:50

Mercedes Tischer  22:55  7:22

Liz Hansen  23:13  7:28

Brenna Fisher  23:32  7:34


Trevor Thompson  15:27  4:58

Nate Tandecki  16:28  5:18

Luke Garcia  16:33  5:19

Nate Reitz  16:35  5:20

Mark Garcia  17:01  5:28

CJ Timm  17:24  5:36

Thanh Nguyen  17:26  5:36


Nathan Haley  17:11  5:32

Brett Love  17:43  5:42

Peter Kusz  18:07  5:49

James Truong  18:13  5:51

Ben Platt  18:16  5:52

Ryan White  18:46  6:02

Eugene Pioquinto  19:28  6:16

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