Tahoma Coed Relays

Lindbergh's top team finished 2nd place today at the coed relays–our best finish ever.  This team, made up of Nate Tandecki, Sarah Reiter, Nate Reitz, Ericka Galindo, and Trevor Thompson, ran very well and was only a few seconds behind the winning team. 

We also had a great time with the team / parent potluck.  Thanks everyone for bringing stuff.  I enjoyed getting a chance to meet parents.  For the second year in a row we lucked out with the nice weather.

The length of this course is somewhere between 1.5 and 2.0 miles.  Since we don't know the exact distance, and since you run through pretty deep water for 80 meters, the times don't mean much.  The course is always a little different from year to year as well, so comparison between years is not useful.  Most of our team members were about 35 – 40 seconds faster at this course than at the class meet on Thursday.  If you were more than 40 seconds faster, then you had a much better race here than at the class meet.

Click below for times.


Sarah 11:43

Ericka  13:27

Liz  14:25

Brenna  14:26

Mercedes  14:57

Ana  16:09

Sarah Rad 17:14

Whitney  18:19



Trevor  9:32

Nate T  10:07

Nate R  10:15

Thanh  10:28

Nathan H 10:32

Mark  10:34

Luke  10:35

CJ  10:50

Brett  10:56

Peter  10:58

Eugene  11:15

Ryan  11:15

Ben  11:26

Kevin  11:26

James  11:30

Michael  12:13

Mitchell  12:35

Evan F  13:03

Evan L  13:13

Matt  13:30

Daniel  13:30

David  13:56

Tanner  14:07

Keegan  14:20

John  14:23

Travis  15:24

Spencer  16:21

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