Tahoma Coed Relays and Family Picnic

This meet is a fun one to begin the season with. There will be lots of teams (about 40 schools). The course is about 1.5 miles (although it always varies a little from year to year). You run on stretches of single-track trail where it is hard to pass people, and you run waist-deep for about 100 meters through Lake Wilderness. Some people will run in the open race, and some people will run as part of a 5-person coed relay.

We would like to invite all parents and family members to not only come to watch the races, but to join in on a potluck afterwards. This is a chance for parents and coaches to meet one another, and for parents to meet other parents as well. There will also be a short informational meeting while we are eating.

It takes place at Lake Wilderness in Maple Valley.

Here is the schedule:
6:45 Team arrives at Lindbergh and loads bus
7:00 Bus leaves
7:20 Arrive at the park/unload
8:30 Boys Open Race
8:40 Girls Open Race
9:15 Relay
10:45ish Awards
11:15 Team and Family Potluck
12:30ish Leave park to return to Lindbergh

What to Bring to the Potluck:
Freshmen: Sweets (cookies, brownies, etc)
Sophomores: Salads/sides
Juniors: Main Dish type thing
Seniors: drinks

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