Running Camp Schedule

Running Camp Schedule–Draft
1:00 Check-in, assign rooms/bunks, organize teams, etc.
2:00 Group initiatives/get to know you games/team bonding
–Group juggle, Team skis, Spider Web, Lava Islands, Trust Fall
3:30 Bathroom and shower guidelines/Running rules/Trail etiquette
4:00 Drills/Core/Run—Tunnel Run (first shuttle gets dropped off, does drills, etc. while waiting, second shuttle does drills, etc. at the cabin).
6:00 Dinner (teams assigned to set-up and Clean-up)
7:30 Camp Game—team names, scavenger hunt??
Scavenger hunt ideas: pretty flower, a river rock that looks like something, wood or bark that looks like a person or animal, something fuzzy, something fragrant, something orange, feather, wood that could be used as a utensil, non-native plant
8:30 Session #1—Finding a passion for running—Running as a lifestyle (Max and Brett)
10:00 Campfire—team ghost stories or campfire songs
11:00 Bed time

7:30 Wake-up, get ready to run
8:00 Warm-up drills, short run by time on roads
9:00 Breakfast (teams assigned to set-up or clean-up)
10:00 Team competition (Guess the Purpose of the Towers)
10:30 Session #2—A Passion for Health Part 1(diet/sleep, form, strength, shoes—each group goes to two 30 – 40 minute sessions)
–Lance: sleep, diet
–Darryll: Form
–Strength: Charles
–Shoes/Gate analysis: Jef, Matt D.

12:00 Lunch (teams set-up, clean-up)
1:00 – 5:00 Snow Lake hike with teams (spaced out to avoid congestion)—Group Meet at the lake for a short talk by Darryll.
6:00 Dinner
7:30 Camp Game (volleyball, dodgeball, croquet, bocci, horseshoes) teams rotate through two activities
9:00 Session #4 (A Passion for Competing: Matt Donelly)
10:00 Campfire/snack
11:00 Bedtime

8:00 Breakfast
9:30 Session #5 A Passion for Health Part 2
10:30 Warm-up drills/core, run—PCT North
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Session #6 (A Passion for the Team: Winmill, Rettmann, Lee, etc.)
2:30 Camp Game (volleyball, dodgeball, croquet, bocci, horseshoes) teams rotate through two activities
3:30 Closing ceremonies
4:00 Depart

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