Meets Start This Week!

Thursday we have our first meet of the 2015 Season–the Seamount League Class meet at Evergreen High School in Burien. All 8 schools in the league will be there. In this meet all of the freshmen race each other, all of the sophomores, etc. The boys and girls are in the same race. The freshmen go first at 3:30, and the races start about every half-hour. At the end of the meet–about 5:45–we will have a quick awards ceremony where the top 10 finishers in each race are called up and recognized. We will return to school between 6:30 and 7:00.

Saturday we also have a meet at Lake Wilderness Park in Maple Valley. Team members need to be at Lindbergh at 6:30. The first race starts at 8:30. The relay competition starts at 9:15. The awards will be at about 11:00. We will be back at school about 12:00.

Do your athletic clearance before the first day of practice

Believe it or not, the summer is coming to an end and cross country is starting soon!

The first day of practice is Monday, August 24th. It starts at 2:30, and we will meet under the skybridge at Lindbergh.

Before you can attend practice you must complete your Athletic Clearance. This consists of:
–filling out some forms
–getting a physical from your doctor (bring a school district physical form with you)
–paying your athletic fee ASB card

You must be cleared by the 20th in order to practice on the 24th.

The link below provides all the info, forms, and dates.

See you at the first day of practice.

Born to Run Running Camp Photos

Click on the Photo Gallery link on the right see photos from running camp.

Running Camp Schedule

Running Camp Schedule–Draft
1:00 Check-in, assign rooms/bunks, organize teams, etc.
2:00 Group initiatives/get to know you games/team bonding
–Group juggle, Team skis, Spider Web, Lava Islands, Trust Fall
3:30 Bathroom and shower guidelines/Running rules/Trail etiquette
4:00 Drills/Core/Run—Tunnel Run (first shuttle gets dropped off, does drills, etc. while waiting, second shuttle does drills, etc. at the cabin).
6:00 Dinner (teams assigned to set-up and Clean-up)
7:30 Camp Game—team names, scavenger hunt??
Scavenger hunt ideas: pretty flower, a river rock that looks like something, wood or bark that looks like a person or animal, something fuzzy, something fragrant, something orange, feather, wood that could be used as a utensil, non-native plant
8:30 Session #1—Finding a passion for running—Running as a lifestyle (Max and Brett)
10:00 Campfire—team ghost stories or campfire songs
11:00 Bed time

7:30 Wake-up, get ready to run
8:00 Warm-up drills, short run by time on roads
9:00 Breakfast (teams assigned to set-up or clean-up)
10:00 Team competition (Guess the Purpose of the Towers)
10:30 Session #2—A Passion for Health Part 1(diet/sleep, form, strength, shoes—each group goes to two 30 – 40 minute sessions)
–Lance: sleep, diet
–Darryll: Form
–Strength: Charles
–Shoes/Gate analysis: Jef, Matt D.

12:00 Lunch (teams set-up, clean-up)
1:00 – 5:00 Snow Lake hike with teams (spaced out to avoid congestion)—Group Meet at the lake for a short talk by Darryll.
6:00 Dinner
7:30 Camp Game (volleyball, dodgeball, croquet, bocci, horseshoes) teams rotate through two activities
9:00 Session #4 (A Passion for Competing: Matt Donelly)
10:00 Campfire/snack
11:00 Bedtime

8:00 Breakfast
9:30 Session #5 A Passion for Health Part 2
10:30 Warm-up drills/core, run—PCT North
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Session #6 (A Passion for the Team: Winmill, Rettmann, Lee, etc.)
2:30 Camp Game (volleyball, dodgeball, croquet, bocci, horseshoes) teams rotate through two activities
3:30 Closing ceremonies
4:00 Depart

Running Camp Information

Born to Run Running Camp July 19th – 21st
At the Guye Cabin at Snoqualmie Pass

What to Bring:
–running clothes for three days
–warm clothes for morning and evening (maybe a rain jacket/hat)
–sleeping bag and pillow
–flashlight or head lamp (if you have a head lamp please bring it—we will need for one of our runs)
–snacks if you want them (some snacks will be provided)
–swim suit (there is a stream with a wading pool)
–water bottle with your name on it (this will serve as your glass/cup for meals, etc.)
–bug repellent
–sun glasses
–running watch if you have one

What NOT to Bring:
–Please leave electronics at home. Bring your cell phone if you want, but we will encourage everyone to keep phones put away. Be aware that there are few outlets available to charge phones.

Camp Schedule:
–You are responsible for getting your own ride to the Guye Cabin (or carpool with a team member).
–Arrive at the cabin by 1:00 Sunday, July 19th. Eat lunch before coming—dinner will be the first meal provided.
–You need to arrange for your own transportation home after camp. Camp ends Tuesday, July 21st at 4:00 p.m.

Directions to Guy Cabin From Seattle:
Take I-90 East to Snoqualmie Summit West, exit 52 Turn left at the stop sign on Alpental Rd under the freeway Follow this road for 1/4 mile. The Sahale Ski Club will be on the right side, Guye Cabin will be on the left side.

Mileage Club Participants–The Summer is 1/3 of the Way Over

As June winds down we finish the first month of summer training. Pay close attention to your mileage club goals to make sure that you are on schedule to reach your goal.

The next important date: Running Camp starts July 19th.

2015 Summer Training Begins Monday, June 23rd

The kick-off to Lindbergh Cross Country summer training is Monday, June 22nd at Tiffany Park at 9:00 a.m. Help get the 2015 season off to a good start by showing up for the run. See you there!

Awards Banquet


Pace Calculator

To help you figure out or verify what pace you should be training at, go to the following website and plug in your 5K PR time. It will then give you various paces. Pay attention to:

Easy Pace–this is your training pace
Threshold–this is your tempo pace
Interval–this is your mile repeat pace

Success at State

It was another successful day at the state meet for Lindbergh Cross Country. The girls team finished 10th place, with our top four girls running PRs: Feven :27, Christine :08, Cindy :01, Norchel :14. The boys finished in 5th place, just 3 points out of 4th. Three of the boys ran PRs: Deven :10, Alex :01, and Colton :15. Daniel, Dupree, and Tyler all ran the second fastest race of their lives.

Our top individual placer was Feven, who ran an amazing race to finish in 8th place. She was in about 20th place at the mile, and she kept moving up throughout the race. Feven was the top finisher from the West Central District, which is impressive because she placed 6th at the district meet. Daniel finished in 21st place and was our top finisher on the boys side.

Feven’s time of 19:22 makes her the 5th fastest Lindbergh girl ever. Christine’s time moves her up to 15th on the All-Time list. Tyler’s time of 16:33 makes him our fastest freshman boy at the state meet ever. He also was the fastest freshman in the 2A race.

Complete results can be found at: