Chris Miland to run at Nike Border Clash

Nike sponsors a cross country meet every year where the top runners from Oregon and Washington race. It is called the Nike Border Clash, and it is one of the coolest races you will ever see. A large cannon acts as the starting gun. A helicopter flies over head filming the entire race. Spectators can watch the race on huge TVs that are at various places on the course. Drummers walk along the course drumming in rhythm during the race. The course is run on the incredible Nike World Headquarters outside of Portland. It is quite an experience.

Based on his finish at the state meet, Chris was an alternate for this race. Yesterday, however, he received a phone call from Nike informing him that someone had to drop out, and that he was in.

The race is Sunday, November 20th. Good luck Chris!


“Staying Alive” on Road Warrior Saturday

Few runners have completed the famous but extremely difficult Road Warrior workout.  In a Road Warrior, I drive my car at a constant speed (15 mph for the boys, 12 mph for the girls) while 3-4 runners at a time run along side.  Every tenth of a mile I honk the horn.  The goal for the runners is to see how many honks they can keep up with the car.  As soon as a runner fades behind the back bumper, he or she must stop.  We run the Road Warriors on the road leading to Philip Arnold Park.  This road is a half a mile in length.  For a guy to make all five honks he must run the half mile in 2:00.  The girls run 2:30.  This workout requires extreme mental and physical toughness to keep up as long as possible.  Read on to see who made it to the gate.